Inghams has had 400 agents sign up to its new interactive learning portal, The Academy, within its first week.

The specialist tour operator launched the portal with 25,000 branded tea bags which were sent out to 5,000 agents, alongside a guide on how to use the portal.

The Academy was created to give agents the tools they need to speak confidently and knowledgably about Inghams’ Ski, Lakes & Mountains and Inghams Italy products, through engaging video and interactive courses, separated into modules.

Since its launch, more than 2,600 modules have been completed and 170 hours of learning time logged.

Modules are bite-sized and include a beginner’s guide to Ski, Lakes & Mountains modules and video tutorials on the history of Inghams.

Agents who complete three modules or more in the next six months agents will be automatically entered into a monthly prize draw, and could win prizes including a holiday to Italy and an iPad.

Simon McIntyre, head of sales at Inghams, said: “We’re thrilled to report huge pick-up and interaction from travel agents following the launch of The Academy.

“The launch of this carefully designed e-learning system is proof of our investment in and commitment to our highly valued travel agent partners. We are confident The Academy will continue to engage and encourage agents to build upon their knowledge of our long-established company.”

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