tech21 Case Study.

tech21 is one of Britain’s fastest-growing tech companies, they deliver premium impact protection for mobile phones and handheld devices. They are a successful UK based company with global distribution

The Challenge.

tech21 wanted to break through the noise and ensure their customers understood that protection of their most loved device is important and that tech21 do it best.

To ensure that wherever tech21 cases are sold –  the retail staff understand the product and can explain it to the customer. Better informed sales staff will help the customer to make the right decision about how to protect their phones and mobile devices.

As tech21 cases are an add-on product the retailer has the opportunity to increase the value of the customer (phone) sale with a great accessory.

What we did.

It all starts with a workshop, we spent time with the training team to understand the product range and how best we can deliver a training solution.

The aim was:

Deliver an exciting learning portal that will encourage staff to learn about the technology and the product range.

Deliver training, sell sheets, video and learning content online and via mobile devices.

Provide the training system in multiple languages for global deployment with customisation to tailor to each retailer.

From the start it was clear that personalising the content to individuals and the retailers would be key as each retailer sells a unique range of the product. Some have exclusives and the training should relate directly to product lines that the retailer carries.

Staff would also need to self-register in order to get access to the system. They would also need to ensure they register for the training according to the store group they belong to.

Reporting back to country and account managers on the levels of learning and competence in their regions

Driving use of the portal through incentives for completing training.


The effect.

An initial single language vision of the mobile friendly portal was delivered as a “just get us going” solution. This was delivered within 20 days of the go ahead

Following on Academy Point was delivered featuring:

Training plans tailored to each individual retailer.

A mechanism to allow staff to register themselves using a retailer specific password, that ensures staff get the correct learning for the retailer they belong to.

Content tools that allow tech21 to create their own modules at the speed their products are released.

Self-service reports that are automatically emailed on a weekly basis, that demonstrate learning by retailer.

Resulting in:

Active use in sites across Europe, America, South America, Australia and wherever tech21 cases are sold.

Regional managers can now enroll retailers into the training system as part of the process of taking on a new distributor.

tech21 have a direct channel to the retailers and staff in customer service.

Measurable results

  • Satisfaction Survey (Likes) 98%
  • Quiz Passes 94%


Increased Product Knowledge

Modules Available

Module Completions

Sales Staff Trained

“The Academy Point Learning Management System has supported tech21 in becoming a market leader in Smartphone cases.

It offers us a wide range of flexibility, including the ability to develop and deploy different training plans to different retailers, globally. The system also us to deploy content in multiple languages which has led engagement in countries which are often hard to reach, making it a valuable part of the tech21 strategy in emerging markets”.

Jon Fletcher – Global Training Manager, tech21

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