Whether your business has a specific learning requirement, such as induction or compliance training or a scalable end-to-end solution that can evolve with your training strategy, our flexible solutions will enable you to deliver a measurable, high quality elearning experience that drives a higher return on investment (ROI).

Academy Point enables L&D and team managers to create personalised training plans for employee’s that are relevant to their job role and level of experience. From induction and compliance to product knowledge you can create tailored schedules for departments, teams and individuals that focus on their specific skills and knowledge requirements.

Whether it is familiarizing employees with your workplace layout or demonstrating new products 3D interactive learning provides a visually immersive experience that increases learner engagement and strengthens knowledge retention.

Traditionally LMS solutions for cross-device elearning have been costly and cumbersome, requiring a separate version for desktop, mobiles and tablet devices. Academy Point provides a single solution that allows your learners to get consistent experience across all devices. Our solution uses responsive HTML5 design that intelligently delivers content based on the device your learner is using.

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