3D Interactive Learning

Not all training can be effectively delivered via conventional content.  Whether it is familiarizing employees with your workplace layout or demonstrating new products 3D interactive learning provides a visually immersive experience that increases learner engagement and strengthens knowledge retention.

Our 3D virtual learning environments provide a rich visual interactive experience for your employees. By exploring your virtual environment learners can interact by clicking ‘hotspots’ that provide more content when activated by the viewer.

Academy Point has worked with some of the UK’s biggest brand to create 3D virtual environments for a range of uses. Click on the logos below to view our work.

The Sony Virtual House was created to showcase the latest Sony product ranges within a home environment.

The virtual house is available to Sony Centre colleagues via there internal learning portal and by the general public via Facebook.

Users would navigate around the four different rooms within the house (Garden, Lounge, Kitchen and Bedroom), they would then interact with the latest products (hot spots) by clicking on them in situ and learning about their specific features.

With an ever increasing requirement to bring products or object to life, we provide the ability to turn a ‘static’ object into 3D rotating ones.

The rotating product/objects can also have interactive ‘hot spots’ applied to them that launch learning materials when clicked on (i.e. Videos, Documents, Links eLearning).

Note: The product spins can also be incorporated within the 3D Virtual Learning environments to provide an engaging learning experience.

Attracting and retaining new staff to join the business is key to the HR and Learning departments. It was identified that the on-boarding process of new staff and informing existing staff about new products and services was an area for improvement

As a way of showing new recruits the inner workings of a Cinema (how the movies are brought to life) we worked with Cineworld to create a ‘custom’ built ‘Audio Visual Room’ that was both safe and secure. This virtual AV room enabled recruits to learn about the layout of a typical AV environment along with what each piece of hardware within the room is, how they operate and can be configured.

The BT Local Business Retail Park – Virtual Learning experience was created to enable the ‘external’ Sales Teams to learn about the types of potential customers that they would be phoning to up-sell BT Business products.

Within this virtual environment each of the ‘Retail Stores’ could be entered and the user would then interact and learn the type of BT products that would benefit the different business types.

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