Cross-Device eLearning

Academy Point enables your business to increased learner engagement and performance results by delivering your elearning to your users anywhere, on any device from one platform.

Traditionally LMS solutions for cross-device elearning have been costly and cumbersome, requiring a separate version for desktop, mobiles and tablet devices. Academy Point provides a single solution that allows your learners to get consistent experience across all devices. Our solution uses responsive HTML5 design that intelligently delivers content based on the device your learner is using.

Cross-Device Benefits:

  • Cost effective: Academy Point responsive design provides one version to maintain
  • SCORM compliant: Can work as a stand alone LMS or with your existing LMS
  • Accessibility: HTML5 output delivers consistent experience across all devices
  • Custom design: Not restricted to fixed templates
  • Flexibility: eLearning solution that scales and adapts to your challenges over time

We have partnered with some of the most recognised brands in the UK to deliver fully responsive eLearning solutions that deliver one consistent learning experience across all devices. Whether it is delivering product learning, staff onboarding or compliance training, our in-depth of experience is second to none.

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