Training Plans

Within every business there can be any number of departments with teams fulfilling a variety of different functions across your organisation. For L&D departments this creates a challenge to ensure employees are receiving the correct level and type of training associated with their job function.

Academy Point enables L&D and team managers to create personalised training plans for employee’s that are relevant to their job role and level of experience. From induction and compliance to product knowledge you can create tailored schedules for departments, teams and individuals that focus on their specific skills and knowledge requirements.

Personalised Training – It’s all About Your Learners

When new starters join your organization they are allocated a personalised training plan that focuses on the skills and areas of knowledge development associated with their role.

Managers can track their progress, measure success and create new training packages to help strengthen areas of weakness and develop new skills as they progress. Packages of training can be sequenced, to ensure one package is completed before the next one is started.

Content Options – Get Creative

With Academy Point your options are only limited by your ambition. Get more from your learners by using feature rich content that inspires and drives higher engagement.

At the heart of our solution is our fully SCORM compliant LMS giving you the flexibility to deliver training via a diverse range of content formats including, text, video, webinars, interactive content and 3D virtual environments.

Event Management – Centralise On & Offline Training

With Academy Point you can coordinate your blended learning (online & offline) activities from one system. Our event management feature allows managers / trainers to plan and invite learners to webinars, offline events and schedule face to face meetings and appraisals.

Reporting Tools – Measure Your ROI

Measuring your learners are performing is critical to optimising your portals ROI. Academy Point provides over 80 pre-built reports to help managers understand how their teams are performing and to identify areas of weakness that need improvement. We also provide custom reports where additional insight is required.

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